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Iona Pilgrimage with John Philip Newell

Iona Pilgrimage with John Philip Newell.

Each year we host up to three Pilgrimage events led by John Philip Newell.

Each day on Iona will begin and end with the rhythm of prayer and meditation together, either at the Abbey or elsewhere on the island. In the mornings John Philip will teach on themes related to the oneness of the human soul and the healing of creation, asking what sacrifices we are to make in our lives as individuals, as nations, and as a species, if we and the world are to be well. The afternoons will be given to hiking, conversation, and rest, and the early evenings to embodiment practises of chant and meditative movement and further reflection on the way of transformation in our world. On at least one of the days we will walk the seven-mile island pilgrimage route together to reflect on the journey of our lives and universe. Wholesome breakfasts and evening meals, with provision from the organic gardens of the hotel, are an important part of our community life together.

John Philip Newell is a poet, peacemaker, and scholar. Formerly a warden of Iona Abbey, he now divides his time between Edinburgh, where he does most of his writing, and travelling and teaching internationally. His PhD is from the University of Edinburgh and he is internationally acclaimed for his work in the field of Celtic spirituality, having authored over 15 books. John Philip is the co-founder of Heartbeat: A Journey Towards Earth’s Wellbeing, and a Church of Scotland minister. He has a passion for peace in the world and a fresh vision for harmony between the great spiritual traditions of humanity.

Ali Newell is a Church of Scotland minister and a trained counsellor, who currently serves as Associate Chaplain at the University of Edinburgh. She is committed to creation-centred spirituality and to dialogue with other faiths in seeking to care for our planet and work for peace in the world.

John Philip and Ali are the parents of four adult children. They live in Edinburgh and spend much of their summers at the Casa del Sol Centre at Ghost Ranch, a centre that they helped bring into being. 

The 2017 tariff can be found here. To check availability please use our bookings enquiries form and state that you are enquiring about a pilgrimage event with John Philip.

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